Donation and sponsorship policy

Laser Game Evolution wishes to become part of the life of its community and thus give back to those who have supported us and who have contributed to our development. Since our centers are the subject of increasing requests for donations and sponsorships, we have established this policy so that management is done in a fair, equitable and organized manner.


We favor causes related to family and children, as well as organizations that directly affect our community.



  • The organization or event must be non-profit;
  • Have a positive impact on the environment;
  • The sponsorship must favor the family and the children, as well as groups of individuals from the territory of LGE;
  • We directly favor foundations, associations and recognized bodies defending causes (health, education, etc.) rather than participants in independent events joining these same causes, unless the event is large;
  • The number of participants as well as the media coverage may justify LGE’s participation;
  • Outreach to a large number of people



  • Organization, event or project that does not meet the requirements related to the privileged sectors;
  • Organization, event or project concerning a single individual (personal benefit);
  • Requests shipped in bulk or not personalized;
  • Trips and excursions;
  • Activities for social clubs;
  • Videos and books;
  • Projects related to a political party, a pressure group or of a controversial nature;
  • Activities taking place outside of Quebec.



  • Any request that does not meet the conditions of our donation policy will be refused subsequent requests.
  • The fact that an organization meets all the criteria listed above does not guarantee a favorable response from LGE. We reserve the right to refuse a request at any time and without any justification on our part.
  • LGE reserves the right to take all the time necessary and reasonable to study a request made to it.
  • Given the very high volume of requests, LGE cannot guarantee a response, either positive or negative.

For each sponsorship request accepted, LGE requires supporting documents attesting to the visibility and benefits granted with at least one photo of the promotion. The applicant must agree to associate the image of LGE as agreed and according to company standards.

The applicant must also undertake to have LGE approved the logos and visuals, or any other information, disseminated in the written and electronic media, websites, printed documents or in any other tool not described in the initial application, and this, prior to the broadcast.

Donations and sponsorships request:

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    Je confirme que l'organisme ou l'événement est sans but lucratif

    Je confirme que l'organisme ou l'événement a un impact positif dans son milieu

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