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It is recommended to come 10 minutes before your reservation time. This is to ensure that all players are present at the same time for registration.

Your games (20 minutes per game) and the renting of the vest and the locker. All prices are without taxes. Except the taxes you have nothing else to add.

If you reserve you will always play with the players from your group only. That’s why we have 3 different mazes and that we ask a minimum of 6 players

If you are less than 6 players you can reserve the day before or the same-day. We will try to mix you with other customers.

The games last exactly 20 minutes. Everyone plays 20 minutes and no one is eliminated during the game. We plan 40 minutes on site for one game of 20 minutes (inscription, game, debriefing).

If you choose the privilege option, we can modify the length of the game.

Yes, a break is systematically planned inbetween the games. The length of the break is about 15 to 20 minutes depending on the plannning of the day. It is also possible to play 2 or 3 games without breaks, but you need to mention it at the reservation.

The laser in our equipment is class 2 as indicated on the sticker on the gun (one in French and one in English). That type of laser conforms to international standard 60825.

Class 2 : the laser visible radiancy is in a length of 400 to 700 nm. The blink reflex of the human eye (aversion response) will prevent eye damage, unless the person deliberately stares into the beam for an extended period (like barcode scanner).

We suggest to come with a sport shirt. Also, shoes are mandatory to play in our mazes. We suggest running shoes.

Yes, you have access to lockers that you can close. You can bring your own lock. If you don’t have any we can rent you one for free.

We recommend that parents bring children from the age of 7 and up. The vests are the same for everyone and we must make sure that the child is tall enough to be able to wear the vest and that he is not afraid of the dark.

For beginners, we suggest doing 2 games. They always last 20 minutes and can be physically demanding, depending on your game strategy. Most of the players choose to play 2 or 3 games.

If one kid has an allergy to peanuts for exemple, do not hesitate to mention it at your reservation, so we can make sure everything is fine with the food.

Yes, but you need to contact us as soon as posible for any changes on the number of players.

There are many mazes in every Laser Game Evolution center. So we can make multiple groups play at the same time.

When you reserve for 6 players, we reserve 6 vests for you and leave the other vests available to other possible groups.

To assure a good flow of the games and groups, we absolutely need to know the number of players.

Two options :

  1. Reserve online by clicking HERE
  2. Reserve by phone by clicking HERE

When you come at Laser Game Evolution we reserve your group a maze to provide you security and friendliness. The mazes are big so you risk not finding each other if you are less than 6 players.

It is not mandatory but is highly suggested as we don’t mix you up with other groups especially on weekends. We suggest you call your center to get informations about the availabilities, especially if you are last minute.

Yes, you have to pay a deposit.

For all the terms and conditions concerning deposits, you can refer to the various questions below in the frequently asked questions.

Our policy is to take the reservation for the games you are sure to play. If you change the number of games, just tell us in advance. If you decide on the same day, except on emergency, we will ask you to pay for the 3 games.

Yes, we prepare your table with the chosen snacks but if you want to bring more food, it is possible.

Yes if you tell us in advance, you can play the numbers of games you want. Knowing that the third game (and the nexts) will be charge at the classic price of the third game.

You can pick them up at your Laser Game Evolution center or on our website HERE


One game lasts 8 minutes.

Yes ! Places are limited, so reservations are required if you want to be sure you can play.

In addition to disinfecting the items that customers can touch like walls, controller and helmet, we will provide you with a cloth mask that will be changed between each customer.

It is not necessary to wear a special outfit for this game. Just be comfy.

Up to 6 players can play at the same time. Tower Tag is a team game.

The price includes the renting of the equipment and 2 games of Tower Tag. You won’t have any extras to pay except if you want to play multiple games.

There is no minimum or maximum age, we suggest from 1.20m or 4 feet.

This activity is not recommanded to pregnant women, to persons with a pacemaker, to persons with epilepsy, dizziness, back problems or any other health problems where sport activities are restricted.


Yes. We ask you to pay a deposit to confirm your reservation.

If you book by phone (excluding the privilege package), you have 60 minutes to pay your deposit.

If you make a reservation online (excluding the privilege package), you have 24 hours to pay your deposit.

If you have booked a privilege package, you have 48 hours to pay your deposit.

Amount of the deposit to be paid to confirm your reservation:

1 full price game: $13.80
2 games and + full price: $24.14
1 Tuesday discount game: $11.50
2 games and + Tuesday discount: $19.55
Birthday pack (yellow or red): $100
3 games student rate: $24.14
No limit: $26.44
Privilege packages: 30% of the total amount of the service
Offer camp reserved on the internet: 100% of the total amount of the service

Yes. If in doubt, make sure you have a small padlock icon, or the mention HTTPS, to the left of the URL of the payment site page.

Only credit card payments are available.

Your deposit is refundable according to the terms of the general conditions of sale that you accepted at the time of payment.

30 days and + before the reservation: 100% refund

29 to 10 days before booking: 50% refund

Less than 10 days no refund

If you have any difficulties, contact us so that we can guide you.

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