From 7 to 77 years old

The Laser Game Evolution is a party and sport game adapted to children and adults from all ages


  • Laser Game Evolution uses a 100% laser european technology which makes it a precision game where you need to shots accurately to make points.
  • We don’t use infrared technology to recognise and save the shoots, this technology is less precise than laser.
  • Therefore, duels are often won by the one who shots first with an infrared gun than with the 100% laser gun.


  • What’s the interest to participate in a running pursuit game without being allowed to run after each other ?!
  • Collisions may happen during a game and that’s why the gun and vest are made and studied to protect you.
  • Also we don’t mix the groups. For more security and immersion in the game !


  • Lightweight, the gun can be held by one or two hands as the preferences of the players.
  • No need to press a button or to hold your gun with 2 hands to shoot.
  • A complete freedom is offered during the game !


  • Want to change your name for a game ? No problem, our equipment allows you to choose your nickname !
  • The vests are entirely configurable and you can create your own playing strategies by changing the reload options, by activating or not some targets, by giving you energy points….


3 targets on the gun


2 cibles sur les épaules


5 targets on the back


7 targets on the front


  • The Laser Game Evolution equipment allows you to run around the maze in safety. Presentable and playable even in the day light, it allows to play in a space where the light is darker.
  • Made of two elements, the vest and the gun are at the same time esthetic, resistant and reassuring for the parents. The vest, with 16 targets (front, back, sides and shoulders) is one of the most efficient on the market.


  • The gun also has 3 targets and the 100% laser technology makes the game more fast, more intense and more strategic.
  • A laser gun from the newest generation with LCD screen.
  • Possibility to change the shooting mode.


  1. Reservation :
    To come play, always think to reserve online or by phone. You need to be a minimum of 6 players, because we don’t mix the groups. To assure security and friendliness when you come play at Laser Game Evolution, you only play with your friends.
  2. Incriptions
    You need to find a nickname for the game, and then split the players in 2 to 6 teams distinguishable by colors. You can also play in free for all mode.
  3. Explanations :
    A video explains the safety and fair play rules, also how to play.
  4. Equipment :
    Every player puts on the vest and take the laser gun. The game will start !
  5. Game :
    The aim of a 20 minutes  is to make a maximum of points, by shooting the luminous targets of the vest of your opponents with your laser gun.
  6. Results :
    Live a moment of glory if you have most of the points, or the worst of your life if your points are in negative.


  • The aim of the game being to gain a maximum of points, it is important to know how the counting works !
  • Shot on an opponent : +100 points
  • Getting shot : -50 points
  • Getting shot by a teammate -50 points

Reserve right now in one of our centers to try the newest laser game generation !

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