Halloween 2020


  • Halloween 2020

Come and try our Humans VS Zombies mode!
Divide your group into two teams and play humans VS zombies. Enjoy a stimulating Halloween-themed experience and take part in the monthly scoring for the ultimate human vs. zombie showdown.

Help us save humans!

Specifications :

Zombies get a wider shot VS Humans don’t have targets on their backs.

Ask our employees for more information on the game mode.

🔫 Reservation required
🔫 6 players minimum
🔫 Limited quantity

Total score in real time:





National UNICEF Day – October 31

Our teams will be raising donations for UNICEF throughout the month of October.

You can also participate directly on their website.

Picking pumpkins 🎃 – DATES TO BE CONFIRMED

Thank you to our partner Ferme Genest located in Lévis Saint-Nicolas sector for their pumpkins. It is the perfect destination for pumpkin picking or to celebrate in a country setting!

  • Partenaire des Laser Game Évolution

Drawing competition – October 1 to 31

Draw in our center during your visit or publish your work on your centre’s Facebook post. The winner will be chosen at random on November 1st among our 6 centers.

Download the drawing

  • Concours de dessin d'Halloween


A bat has escaped into our labyrinth! Bring it back to us in exchange for candy during your break!

The lock riddle – DATES TO BE CONFIRMED

Solve the riddle in the store to open the lock and win what is inside the mystery box!

Candy Jar Riddle – October 6 to 20

Guess the number of candies in the jar on our Facebook post for a chance to win it!

  • Pot bonbon

Follow your centre’s Facebook page for all updates and contests!

Vanier Sainte-Foy Lévis Brossard Montréal Sherbrooke

* Dates are subject to change without notice

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